What to Expect from Your Coaching Sessions

It’s not Prescribed, It’s a PROCESS!

Step 1: The Introductory Session (90 minutes)


First, you will receive an email with the Coaching Client Questionnaire Form to complete and return before our introductory session. We gather relevant information about your specific caregiving situation prior to our first meeting in order for you to get the maximum benefit from our time together. We will identify the important issues that you want to focus on during your coaching. We will explore those topics in-depth during the Introductory Session as a critical foundation for our work together. 

The Introductory Session is when we get to know each other on a personal level. It is when your coach will ask questions in order to explore what is most important to you. Your coach wants to understand the challenges you face as a care partner.  We intend to tailor our support for you based on your own unique caregiving journey. Near the end of the introductory session we will shift to discuss the best next steps for your coaching situation.  We want to ensure that ongoing coaching feels like a “good fit” for everyone involved. We will create an action plan based on what is relevant and meaningful to you.

Step 2: The Initial Coaching Package


Committing to a minimum of 3 initial coaching sessions is essential in order for you to have an opportunity to begin to gain understanding about your loved one’s dementia. You will begin to acquire some strategies and tools to improve your caregiving abilities.  You will have an opportunity for reflection and feedback. You will begin to feel the benefit of individualized emotional support and collaboration along the way. 

Learning new information, skills, and strategies to become more effective as care partner is a process. Changing your beliefs or actions doesn’t happen overnight.  Any kind of true lasting change takes practice and perseverance in order to be successful. Successful coaching grows along with you.

Every care partner that we work with is truly unique, as is the person living with dementia that you are caring for. There is no one “cookie cutter” approach as a dementia coach. We utilize the information gathered in the Introductory Session to deliver individualized support based on YOUR specific desires, values, and goals. We will make recommendations regarding which coaching package is most appropriate for you after we thoroughly assess the complexity of your caregiving situation. We work to provide customized advice and care based on YOUR needs and caregiving challenges. This ensures that you can get the maximum possible benefit from the coaching experience every time. 

Brain changes involved in dementia are ever progressing. Over time they can feel like a “moving target”. We have found it is often necessary for care partners to update their awareness, knowledge, and skills regarding their loved ones’ dementia as it evolves and changes. This subtle but constant change can feel like a daunting task to handle alone. We will remain available to you over time as a trusted resource and support. 

  • Personalized

    Taking your specific caregiving situation into account and creating a coaching plan that matches your specific needs.

  • Core Values

    Integrating your unique values, goals and hopes into the coaching process.

  • Solving Together

    Developing strategies and solutions based on your personal caregiving problems in a pro-active and collaborative fashion.

  • Confidence

    Increasing caregiver support, skills and confidence through personalized coaching related to your life as a care partner, in a compassionate, respectful and empowering manner.

Step 3: You can schedule subsequent (additional) coaching sessions at any time you need them.


If you find yourself needing a check-in or additional help along the way, please call to schedule a session.

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